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The Rock of Ages

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The Rock of Ages

The Boys In The Band


Tony Brown

Lead singer and Rhythm Guitarist

Tony Brown lead vocals & rhythm guitar. Tony started as a lead vocalist with: The Latest Happening, then Nest before picking up a Fender Stratocaster guitar and forming Reload as rhythm guitarist and lead vocals. Tony has added a Rickenbakker (pictured) & a Taylor T5z hybrid guitar to add to his collection. This guitar was chosen for its versatility. Forming a perfect ‘bridge’ between acoustic and electric.

John Elliot


John Elliott our percussionist. Delivering a great drum roll or soft mellow touches for our slower numbers!! Along with Bill John delivers the bands heartbeat.  Driving the rhythm forward in a new and exciting partnership. Not exactly shy when it comes to ‘beating the skins’ it’ll be hold onto your hollyhocks when we next rock on!!


Billy Sutton

Bass Guitarist

Bill Sutton: An accomplished and experienced guitarist and our new bass player. Part of the ‘engine room’ of our band alongside John Elliott. Bill has played alongside Tony B in Reload – great to have you aboard Bill.
Bill has purchased a couple of basses including a Gibson EB4 to add to his collection of electric & acoustic guitars.
His addition gives the band more ‘depth’ through his playing versatility, he will also add to our harmonies along with John & Tony G.

Tony Gornall

Lead Guitarist

Tony Gornall lead guitar and backing vocals. He like the rest of the band has a real appetite for Rock ‘N Roll. Tony recently acquired a new ‘valve amp’. Valve amps are the choice of many musicians for their clarity, tone, depth and graunch! This is now complimented with a new Fender Telecaster in two tone wood or his Gibson Les Paul.

Rock Guitarist

'Axes' & Stuff

Musical Instruments

Rock of Ages have a comprehensive array of Guitars (axes) including Rickenbakker, Fenders, Gibsons, Taylor T5z hybrid & Yamaha accustic. Pretty impressive collection I'm sure you'll agree?

Add to the instruments Keyboards and there is enough in the locker for all types of music.

Couple the instruments to a powerful PA system with a range of mics and we are set up for audience participation, close harmonies and raucous Rock 'n Roll.


Rock of Ages update

Rock of Ages welcomes the cautious advance out of lockdown. Everyone just wants to get out there and start the road to normality. Restaurants, pubs, theatres & live music events are all now within reach with restrictions being lifted. Providing everyone acts responsibly and sticks to the 'road map' this Summer should be a 'let your hair down' experience!!!!!

The boys in the band are looking forward to entertaining again with new material and some changes in our format?


The vaccine rollout has been a huge success in the UK. Nearly all the 'at risk' population have received or been offered 'the jab'. With younger generations now getting offered the vaccine promoting ‘herd immunity’!!

Further reductions in infections means less strain on the NHS, further easing of restrictions, a degree of normality & live entertainment!!!!!!!

Rock of Ages is mindful of the tremendous work undertaken by all NHS staff, health workers, front line operatives, and support workers who have ‘stepped up to the plate’ and irrespective of personal risk, given of their services to assist in these troubled times.

So the boys in the band are considering how we can tangibly show our appreciation for the ‘Covid Fighters’, provide some much needed light relief, and look positively to the future?

As regulations permit we will look to arrange some ‘free’ entertainment at local venues for key workers and their loved ones. Watch for further updates on proposed venues, ‘gigs’ and dates on our website.

The entertainment industry is ready to ‘lift the gloom’ and let people enjoy themselves again in a safe environment. Rock of Ages is no exception!!!!

Rock of Ages has developed over time from ‘Reload’ (pictured below in concert) to TNT to our present day set up.

Most bands ‘evolve’ over time. It’s not uncommon for members to leave and new musicians to join. Whilst its sad to see ‘old’ musical friends depart its not altogether a bad thing. New talent provides fresh impetus, new ideas and playing techniques. Developing our musical style and fayre. Rock of Ages encourages potential musicians who, we believe, can add quality and versatility to the band.

We are currently looking at 'ongoing developments' for enriching our musical fayre. Thes include potential new musicians, song lists, recordings and more.

Our practice sessions came to an abrupt halt through Covid legislation, which has effected the development process. We are looking forward to a relaxation of restrictions allowing new potential talent to jam with the band who we feel adds value to what we do.

One thing is constant Tony B, Tony G, John (animal) Elliott & Billy Sutton our ‘core’ members play music that stirs the soul & gets the feet moving.  Any developments will have our core values at heart. Music played with soul is our genre!!!!

Recordings: We have put a small sample of our work on the website. These tracks were NOT professionally recorded. Some were taken through an audience-based mic at live ‘gigs’ whilst others were from impromptu jamming sessions, using basic recording equipment. It gives a ‘flavour’ of our music but that’s about it. Professional recording is our priority in 2021. So we have started negotiations with a professional video & recording outfit who will be making some video / recordings in the Summer.

We look forward to posting these recordings / video footage on the web site when completed.

Rock of Ages - Music Played with Soul!

Please contact us for any news, updates or if you’d like to get us to play at your special event?



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