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Tony Brown lead vocals & rhythm guitar. Living & working in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa has enriched my love of different music styles and delivery. Galvanizing  my passion for Rock ‘N Roll.

Tony Gornall lead guitar and backing vocals. Tony learnt violin then evolved to guitar.

He like the rest of the band has a real appetite for Rock ‘N Roll dishing it up on his Gibson Les Paul!!

Harry Gee is our bassist. Part of the ‘engine room’ of our band. Harry punches out those beefy riffs on the Yamaha bass and is also our ‘techie’ mixing our PA equipment to achieve our genre Music Played With Soul.

John Elliott plays drums with aplomb. Delivering a great drum roll or soft mellow touches for our slower numbers!! Along with Harry John delivers the ’beat’. Driving the rhythm forward, getting hearts racing and feet tapping. John also provides backing vocals on our more upbeat numbers.

The Rock of Ages

Music Played with Soul


The Rock of Ages


Corona Virus

Update from The  Rock of Ages,

Well these are unprecedented times indeed! We are now @ two months into lockdown with little ‘easing of restrictions’ to look forward to in the immediate future. This pandemic is a truly awful ‘beast’ and we, as a band, can only state our sadness at the many lives blighted by this virus directly, but also the economic implications and ramifications it brings in its wake.

In the greater scheme of things forgoing some concerts and gigs is a small price to pay to stay safe and, ultimately, return to some sort of normality, whilst reducing the devastation of ongoing escalation of the virus.

Rock of Ages are doing our bit by cancelling practice sessions (in line with government directives on meetings). We have the option to meet ‘virtually’ via Zoom to exchange ideas on new music and possible ‘live’ techniques which we could incorporate into our future ‘gigs’ as and when it is safe to resume practice sessions and live shows.

To give readers a ‘flavour’ of some possible options going forward we (RoA) would like to extend our thanks to the heroic and self-sacrificing work and efforts from ‘front line’ workers: the NHS, refuse collectors, post people, cleaners, care workers, transport workers etc.

The band are considering possible suitable venues to hold ‘thank you’ events for frontline heroes. We will give our performance free to such agreed event(s) as a small token of our gratitude. This is very much in the negotiation / development stage but what a great way to ‘lift the gloom’ and say thanks by singing and dancing to music played with soul!!! – Watch out for further updates!

Whilst we have been in this ‘dormant’ state (no gigs or practice sessions) The Rock of Ages has been getting some new equipment ready for when we can safely get back to what we all enjoy – live performing!

Harry G: Our bass player is perfecting new techniques putting chords into his playing portfolio!

John E: Our drummer boy is getting a set of top-notch Premier ‘skins’ to give the ‘engine room’ more beat!

Tony G: Has acquired a new Fender Telecaster to add to his guitar collection. It’s a great guitar and gives additional versatility to our music.

Tony B: Has Rickenbacker & Taylor T5z guitars. As an ‘active’ vocalist and rhythm guitar player mic & guitar leads are constant hazard. He has acquired a radio mic + a radio connector to the guitar and amp. Hey presto health and safety issues addressed through no leads (trip hazard) plus audience interaction and participation to the fore!

We’re ready to Rock N’ Roll just as soon as it is safe and legal to do so. In the interim we know it’s frustrating and a little scary out there at present. Some people are unfortunately ignoring the social distancing rules. Please be patient, observe the rules, be ALERT & STAY SAFE!! Better times are coming!!!!

 The Rock of Ages – Music Played with Soul



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