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Tony Brown lead vocals & rhythm guitar. Living & working in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa has enriched my love of different music styles and delivery. Galvanizing  my passion for Rock ‘N Roll.

Tony Gornall lead guitar and backing vocals. Tony learnt violin then evolved to guitar.

He like the rest of the band has a real appetite for Rock ‘N Roll dishing it up on his Gibson Les Paul!!

Harry Gee is our bassist. Part of the ‘engine room’ of our band. Harry punches out those beefy riffs on the Yamaha bass and is also our ‘techie’ mixing our PA equipment to achieve our genre Music Played With Soul.

John Elliott plays drums with aplomb. Delivering a great drum roll or soft mellow touches for our slower numbers!! Along with Harry John delivers the ’beat’. Driving the rhythm forward, getting hearts racing and feet tapping. John also provides backing vocals on our more upbeat numbers.

The Rock of Ages

Music Played with Soul


A Happy New Year & Update from
The Rock of Ages

A Happy New Year & Update from

The Rock of Ages

On The Move & In The Groove!!!!!

What an interesting musical journey through 2019!! The band did a number of ‘gigs’ around the North West, invested in new equipment & we are now looking in 2020 to lay down a few tracks through a professional recording session. So watch this space! We will update on where we will be appearing, stories about the band, new material we’re looking to introduce, and all kinds of musical ‘stuff’.

What’s New?

Harry Gee our bassist has splashed out on a top end Yamaha Bass. He strode into the first practice session showing off his new ‘axe’ and promptly blew some valves in his amp!!!!! Better in the practice room than on stage Harry! Easy on the volume control tiger!!

Tony G has also been investing. A new ‘valve amp’ being the order of the day. Valve amps are the choice of a lot of musicians. They provide more ‘clarity’ & depth of sound with a range of effects to make music come alive. The combination of Tony G on his Gibson Les Paul played through the new amplifier gives our lead guitarist more ‘clout’ or refined touches to meet our genre: Music Played With Soul!!


Tony B has bought a Taylor T5z hybrid guitar to add to his collection. This guitar was chosen for its versatility. Rock of Ages is not a ‘one trick pony’ group. Yes we love Rock ‘n Roll but we know our audiences want a selection of music. Let’s face it at the end of an evening a love ballad goes a long way, & some 12 bar blues makes for easy listening. So the Taylor hybrid is a great instrument blending electric and acoustic through one very versatile guitar. The traditional Rickenbacker will still be in frequent use for our more upbeat numbers!!!


We have brought in some additional audio equipment in the form of additional feedback monitors and a wireless mike set up. The band love audience participation so an additional wireless mike allows our audience (or some of them) to join in the chorus on some of our ‘signature’ covers like Mustang Sally, Gloria & Rockin all over the World!!! The additional wireless mic also allows John Elliot our drummer boy to join in on harmonies, providing more vocal ‘depth’. Should be fun guys – see you at our gigs for some stirring backing vocals?

A long hard look at ‘where to from here’ has led us to look for a professional ‘studio’ recording session. The audio’s on our site were recorded through an audience placed microphone. Yes it’s cool listening to background conversations, interesting to hear ‘chat up lines’, and ‘join in’s’ with the vocals but not really the best way of hearing the Rock of Ages?

So we have agreed to some professional recordings around Spring this year. Our ‘techie’ Harry Gee & Tony G have visited a recommended local studio and discussed our requirements with the sound technicians a really interesting visit.

We are also considering the services of a mobile sound engineer based in the South West. The Rock of Ages knows no geographical limitations – music first, last & ‘in the middle’!

Our ‘new’ recordings will feature on our web site once completed – we hope you will enjoy the outcomes.

Thanks for visiting The Rock of Ages web site. Please feel free to contact us for any updates and if you’d like to get us to play at your special event?

All the best from Tony B, Tony G, Harry Gee & John Elliott

The Rock of Ages – Music Played with Soul


The Rock of Ages



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